Tuesday, June 5, 2018

High Winds and Dreamliners

I decided to head to the airport yesterday.  Mondays and Thursdays are the days when I can catch two 787s in Detroit.
 I barely made it in time to catch the Royal Jordanian 787.  It was pretty windy and I was almost going to head up to the parking deck in order to catch it.
 Fortunately, I didn't have to.
 Like I said, it was pretty windy.
 And there were a few clouds in the sky.
 Which makes for a nice backdrop.
 A Spirit A321 from Las Vegas landing on the other runway.
 When I saw this 737 from Atlanta landing on the other runway, I figured I should head over to my other spot.
 but first I caught another Spirit in the sky.
 I think this plane was arriving from Monterrey.
 When I caught my Air Canada plane on the other side, it confirmed that they were using this runway.  In fact, I think in passing the airport, I saw an X in front of 21L.

 This CRJ-900 was arriving from White Plains.
 It was followed by this Southwest 737.
 Which was arriving from Phoenix.
 This A319 was arriving from Mexico City.
 An Embrear 175 arriving from O'Hare.
 The Tale of Blue Cities arrives from Boston.
 A Spirit A320 arriving from San Diego.
 Another angle of it.
 I think this A319 was arriving from O'Hare.
 The other plane I was waiting for was the Air France 787.  It was weird watching her as she was coming in because it seems like she was moving to the side.
 And she gets a little closer.
 A beacon shot.
And one more.

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