Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday

Wednesday nights are my trivia night down near Depot Town.  While I'm heading down there, I try to see if I can catch one of the evening Wolverines as they pass.
 I just missed the eastbound Wolverine.  However, I did manage to catch the westbound one.  I think it might have even been on time.
 The Wolverine heading west originates in Pontiac and I think it follows the CN line south to Detroit with stops in Royal Oak and Birmingham.
 From Detroit, it makes its turn west.  From that point until the Wolverine hits the Indiana border, the line is either owned by the State of Michigan or Amtrak.  This has its advantages because it means the train can run on its own schedule.
It's pretty cool to catch the Amtrak, I just wish there were some other trains on this line.

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