Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Joseph H. Thompson Downbound at Port Huron

I was feeling kind of blah on Sunday and I really didn't want to do anything and then I checked Marine Traffic and saw that there was a ship I was interested in catching heading downbound.  I made it up there in time to catch a couple of ships.
 This wasn't the ship I was interested in catching but it was still kind of nice to catch her.
 I think she was heading down to Lorain, Ohio but I'm not sure what she was carrying.  I'm going to guess that she was carrying stone.
 I'm pretty sure that she wasn't carrying iron or grain though.
 I wish I would have caught her before they converted her into a barge.  She looks like she could have been a pretty nice vessel.
 She is just about to enter the St Clair River.
 One of the  things I love about catching ships at Port Huron is the fact that I can get a head shot of them.
And she continues on her way.

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