Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Monday With the Queen

So I ended up going to the airport.  It was a little on the windy side.
 First up was 737 wearing Skyteam Livery.
 It was coming in from Salt Lake City.
 Next up was the Queen.
 Lufthansa still flies the Queen to Detroit Metro Airport but I'm not sure how much longer this will last.
 At any rate, I will try to enjoy her while I can.
 She was arriving from Frankfurt.
 An A321 from Frankfurt.
 This is an A330 with a tail number of N856NW.  It is the same tail number of plane I caught on Sunday coming from Paris.  It was also arriving from Paris.
 It was followed by an A330 arriving from Amsterdam.
 It was pretty windy and it was causing the A350 to buffet a bit.
 It was arriving from Shanghai.
 I had to stick around for the 757.
It was coming in from Seattle.

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