Friday, June 15, 2018

Distracted by the Shinyness

So I went to the airport yesterday because I thought that it would be my last day to catch two 787s in the same day.  It would have worked except that I found out that Royal Jordanian was switching to it's direct to Detroit flights.  That also means I may not be able to catch it for a while as it comes in while I'm at work.  Anyway, I don't mind catching other planes.
 First up was this Spirit Airlines A320 arriving from Seattle.
 Next up was this Embrear ERJ-175 being flown for American Eagle.
 Unfortunately, the Air Canada plane landed on the other runway.
 This Spirit A321 was arriving from San Diego.
 A Delta A320 arriving from Monterrey.
 The MD-83s are going away soon.
 But I love this livery.
 The Air France 787-9 also landed on the other runway, but it's big enough that it doesn't matter.
 A jetBlue A320 arriving from Boston.  It's saying was, "For the Love of Blue".  I'm pretty sure I've seen it before.
 Next up was my favorite aircraft.  The wind was blowing just right so that I could get a head shot.
 This particular 757 was arriving from Mexico City.
 Probably my favorite angle.
 The MD-11 also landed on the other runway, but again it was big enough to catch.
 A 757-300 from Seattle.
 An ERJ-175 from O'Hare.
 A Boeing 717.
 I was kind of surprised by this tail number.  I thought all the Delta 717s ended in AT, this one ended in DN.
 Another 757 coming in.
 this particular one was arriving from Santa Ana.
I stuck around to catch the United Airlines A319 from San Francisco.

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