Friday, July 6, 2018

A Fog Shrouded Indiana Harbor

It was a bit on the warm side up in the Soo while I was up there.  However, the river and lakes were still pretty cool.  That meant it was pretty foggy.
 For the most part, the fog clung to the river, so it only obscured the bottom of the ships.  But I think that makes for a pretty cool effect.
 It was cool to see the Indiana Harbor because I have a friend that is currently working on her.  He is in the process of taking his courses at the Maritime Academy in Traverse City.  During the winter, he was working on a ship in the Pacific to get salt water experience.  Now he is working on this ship to get fresh water experience. 
 Anyway, I'm not sure where she was headed but I'm pretty sure she was coming down from Duluth.  Again, that is roughly a day and a half to this point.
 It's entirely possible she was heading towards St. Clair or one of the other power plants.
 Anyway, we got a nice pair of salutes out of her.
 And she starts to disappear into the fog.
And more so.

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