Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The CSL Tadoussac Passes St Clair, Michigan

It was a pair of classic lakers that made me want to go out boatwatching on Saturday.  I was really tempted to stay home in order to finish my posting from my vacation.  It was a nice enough Saturday though.  Not too warm or too cool.
 First up was the CSL Tadoussac.  She was one of the ships that I thought was going to be scrapped in the near future, but it seems that CSL has brought her out and has used her quite a bit.
 She was on her way to Nanticoke in Ontario as I was taking this picture.
 I think that she would have been carrying iron ore but I'm not 100% sure about that.
 As I type this, she is on her way back to the upper lakes.
 She is a beautiful looking boat and one of two classic Canadian lakers left.  Lower lakes has a bunch of classic lakers under the Canadian flag but they are classic American lakers.
 She cuts a nice profile.
 She continues her way to Lake St. Clair and Erie.
One more shot.

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