Saturday, July 7, 2018

My Trip to O'Hare Part III

It was during this leg, that I decided to go to the hotel for a bit.  As I got back to my spot, it started to rain and that started planes in their holding patterns.  I was hoping that the weather would blow over and that they wouldn't have to divert.  There were a couple planes that diverted but the rest came in.
 First up was a 777 belonging to Cathay Pacific.
 A 777 belonging to Qatar airlines.
 This 787 was arriving from Rome.
 I couldn't pass up a 757 picture, especially since it was in a livery I'm not used to seeing.
 A familiar face in Detroit.  A 787 belonging to Royal Jordanian.
 An All Nippon Airways 777.
 This 777 belongs to Swiss Air and was arriving from Zurich.
 An A330 arriving from Helsinki, Finiland.
 This Embrear was coming from Tucson.
 A 737 coming from Denver.
 Another 737, this one was arriving from Tucson.
 An A319 arriving from Boston.
 An Embrear from Boise.
 A 737 from Miami.
 A CRJ from Atlanta.
 A 737 from Dallas.
 This 767 was arriving from Heathrow.
 And this 737 was arriving from Dallas.
 A 787 from Venice.
 Again, I couldn't pass up on the Delta plane.
 This Qatar Cargo plane was coming in from Milan, Italy.
 A 737 from San Juan.
 This A340 was arriving from Copenhagen.
 I was happy to see an A350 is colors other than Delta.  This one was arriving from Munich.
 I love 757s.  Because of that, I've wanted to catch an Icelandair plane.  I was hoping to catch on in their special livery, but that wasn't happening.  It was still cool to see a 757 in something other than Delta clothing.
 Another angle of that.
 A 737 coming in from San Juan.
 Norwegian Air is a low cost British Airline.  They have cool tail art on their planes.
 An A320 from Fort Lauderdale.
 An Embrear E145 from South Bend.
 An SAS A330 from Stockholm.
 I think this is an MD-90.  I'm pretty sure it would be from Detroit.
 Another 757.
 The A380 was the main plane that brought me here.  I've never seen one in person and I wanted to.  I think it's an impressive but ugly plane.
 The A380 is a four engined double decked aircraft built by Airbus.  It is the world's largest passenger plane and has to use airports with special gates to accommodate it.  Development on the plane started in 1988 when Airbus decided that it wanted to break Boeing's monopoly on large long haul airplanes.  The first designs were presented in 1992.  In 1994, this became the Airbus A3XX.  The A380 first flew in 2005 and was introduced in 2007.
It is powered by Rolls Royce-Trent 900 engines which give it a thrust of nearly 300,000 pounds.  It can carry up to 544 passengers at a range of 8,200 miles.  This particular one arrived from London.

I had alot of fun spotting at O'Hare and would like to do it again at some point in the future.  I'm not sure I need to catch the A380 again though.

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