Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Mesabi Miner Enters the Soo Locks

I wanted to catch the next ship but I didn't think she would be passing Mission Point in the light.
 So I headed to my nook in the fence which lets me catch downbound ships entering the Locks.  I think she had to wait for the Algoma Strongfield to clear the Poe Lock.
 It wasn't too long before the Strongfield left Poe Lock.   The Mesabi Miner started to power up to move forward.
 The Algoma Strongfield starts to pass her.
 and I was able to almost recreate one of my favorite shots.  This time the light was a little better.
 The Strongfield starts to pass the Miner.
 The Miner starts to inch foward.
 Since the lock is barely wider than the Miner, the Miner takes it slowly.
 A puff of steam and she goes forward.
 She passes the train bridge.
One more shot as she enters the lock proper.

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