Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Herbie the Love Boat Makes An Appearance

I had about an hour to wait for the next ship but she was worth it I think.
 I'd have to say that the Herbert C. Jackson is one of my favorite boats.
 She's a classic laker for one and has some nice lines.
 Some people call her Herbie the Love Boat.  Other people call her Action Jackson.
 She usually does the Marquette to Rouge River runs, so she's a frequent visitor to these parts.
 But in this case, she was one her way to Cleveland.  I presume with a load of iron ore for the Bulk Terminal at the front of the river.
 I think she is capable of traveling down the Cuyahoga River though because of seen pictures of it.
 She has a lovely profile.
 And she continues her trek down the river.
 I love to see the Stars and Stripes flying off the backs of ships.
One more shot.

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