Friday, July 6, 2018

And the Roger Blough....

It was my last day at the Soo because I was going to head down to Chicago to catch the A380.  I wanted to get an early jump on that but I saw that the Roger Blough was making her way up.
 She was heading up from Conneaut, Ohio after delivering a load of taconite.  I didn't catch her on the way down although I had a shot at it.  So I wanted to make sure I caught her on the way back.
 During the winter, she was taking to dry dock to get her new five year certification.  They also repainted her.
 Between the hospital and the fact that it seemed like she was going to Gary more often than not, this was the first time that I could catch her in her new paint.
 Despite a couple scrapes, I'll have to say that she looks nice all painted up.  It's a shame that she wont stay this way for long.
 I really liked the way the fog was hugging the river here.  It gives the picture a nice surreal effect.
 One more.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
And she slips into the fog on her way to Duluth.

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