Friday, July 6, 2018

Why the Long Face?

One of the more quirky looking ships is the next one.
 Compared to many ships, she has a very long and slender looking pilothouse.  Occasionally, I will make jokes about that.
 But I think she is a fine looking ship.  There are many in the boatnerd community who do not agree with that assessment.
 But when you consider all the boxy thousand footers and rear mounted pilothouse ships, she's got character and stands out amongst them.
 She even stands out amongst the classic lakers.  Her configuration was such that it maximized her carrying capacity.
 It is my understanding that Algoma likes her which means she is probably sticking around for a while.
When I took this picture, she was on her way to Quebec.  As I type this, she is on her way back.

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