Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The A-4 Skyhawk

Next up is the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. This is actually a pretty neat aircraft and is fairly maneuverable.
The A-4 Skyhawk was designed by Ed Heinemann who was born in Saginaw, Michigan. The plane has been nicknamed Heinemann's Hot Rod because of it's nice handling characteristics.
The plane is fairly small and is one of few carrier aircaft that didn't need to raise it's wings to store on deck. Despite it's small size, it could carry almost 10,000 lbs of armaments.
The plane has seen service with a number of our allies.
It has served for a fairly long time as it first flew in the 50's and was finally retired in 2003.

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AirEnthusiast said...

Nice to see anoth one flying, perhaps some of the ex-RNZAF skyhawks can make it back into the air someday soon