Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Not So Rainy Day at the Detroit Zoo

So I decided that today would be a good day to head to the Zoo. The weather was fairly cooperative with me as it wasn't too hot or muggy but I could still feel it a bit as I was a little sunburnt from yesterday. I'm starting to think that I like going to the zoo better in the winter. There are less people and the animals are more active. I guess in many ways they are like people in that they don't want to deal with the heat either.

Well at any rate, here are the pictures......Today, I decided to take a different approach and use the member's only which is closer to the center of the zoo. This cuts down on quite a bit of walking to get to the main part of the zoo. The entrance is a little less crowded as well.

This is the Horace Rackham fountain which is roughly near the center of the zoo. It is actually one of my favorite sets of sculptures.
One of the seal fountains at the ends.
Looking down at the fountain.
The River Otter doing what many of the other animals were doing.
Today I decided to head to the penguinarium as well. It has been a while since I've been there and it's pretty neat. Although it's not very easy to take pictures as they are behind glass and the lights are fairly dim. I'm pretty happy with the pictures though.
Another one of the penguins.
A frog statue just outside of the amphibian building.
Not sure what kind of toad this was but it was the only one readily available.
I think this is a comorrant but I'm not sure. There is a pretty nice pond by the amphibian building. It attracts many native birds.
One of the condors.
Another condor.
A camel.
A frontal shot of the T-rex. They have a dinosaur thing going on right now and I thought this looked pretty cool.
I kind of liked this shot of a chimpanzee family. The day kind of saying, "Come with me son".
An arctic fox.
A polar bear sleeping.
One of the seals.
I'm not sure what kind of bird this is, but I think I've seen it around the area before.
The eagle.
The younger eagle.
I think this is an elk.
A side shot of his head.
One of the prarie dogs.
Another of the prairie dogs.
I kind of like the kangaroo exhibit at the Detroit Zoo because you can walk through it. I don't normally do that but I do like having the option to do that.
I really liked this shot even if it is a little on the blurry side.
The giraffe. They have an option to feed the giraffes but normally when I go there, they are sold out.
A peacock.
The polar bear decided to wake up and walk a couple of feet. I'm not sure why he picked up the branch though.
Another shot of the polar bear.
Some African Flamingos.
A tiger in a pose that I often see my cat in.
Overall I was pretty happy with my trip to the zoo. I found out where they moved the wolverine for a bit while they renovate their normal spot. He was much like the other animals and was sleeping. They are still renovating the lion pen and I didn't see the bears. I guess that is an advantage of having a membership, I don't feel so put out if I miss certain animals because I can always go back.

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