Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wandering Around Gallup Park

I decided to stop by Gallup Park after work tonight. I didn't stay too long though as it was pretty humid but not quite as hot as its been lately. Anyways, there wasn't too much stirring about the park or they were at the other sides of the park. So I didn't take too many pictures there.I did see quite a few water lilies though. I'm not sure if this means I just missed the bloom or I need to wait a few more days. Unfortunately, the angle on this wasn't that great. I think it would have been better with a boat or canoe.
This was one of the flowers in the hummingbird and butterfly garden. I did not see either creature there though.
This is a red eared slider turtle. These are not native to Michigan but because they are sold in pet stores, they have been introduced here. They sort of resemble painted turtles.
A daisy with a bug.
Not sure what kind of flower this is.
I've seen the dragonflies flitting around the water but couldn't quite get one. Here's a picture.
And of course, I hear plane and I look up.
A family of swans. They were almost on the other side of the river though.
A family of geese.
A duck in the lilypads.
A pair of ducks.
A duck having dinner.

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BlueDragon said...

Dragonflies are a good sign for the pond's health. I also think they look cool.