Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Blue Angels Again...

This was the part of the show that everyone was waiting for, the Blue Angels. And I really can't blame them but for me, the part that makes the shows at Willow Run cool are the warbirds. But the Blue Angels attract the crowds...sooo.

The Blue Angels were first formed in 1946 as the Navy Flight Exhibition Team. They adapted the name Blue Angels after a nightclub in New York and they first used this name on July 21, 1946 in Omaha, Nebraska. In 1974, they were officially called the US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron. In the 55 years that they've performed, they have traveled across the US and to different parts of the world. They have changed aircraft over the years.
Passing the control tower.
Smoke on just before take off.
The four diamond pilots taking off.
I specifically wanted this shot as the planes are passing by the original bomber factory. The control tower you see here was used while they were building B-24's here.
The two opposing solo planes in formation.
One of the opposing solo planes about to pass the other.
The famous diamond formation.
One of the opposing solos in level flight.
The diamond about to go into a maneuver. It is amazing how close these aircraft appear to be.
The diamond formation in a turn. They are able to maintain formation throughout the turn.
I was able to catch them in a high speed pass. This makes me happy.
Just before the planes get into a mirror formation.
I really like this shot. The planes look mirrored almost.
The plane going into a climb.
Two of the diamond pilots about to get inverted.
And the result of that move.
The Blue Angels in Echelon formation.
Another shot as they are about to pass. This one almost looks like they are going to hit each other.
The diamond formation in a roll.
I believe this is a line abreast formation.
Anotehr pass.
Another echelon formation.
I think this is my favorite passing shot.
The opposing solos in a low speed pass.
And another shot of the diamond.
The diamond formation splitting up.
The delta formation.
Splitting up.
The starburst.
Blue Angel Number One peeling off for landing.
Passing by the tower again.
Blue Angel 2 just after landing.
One of the Blue Angels about to land.
Another one just about to land.
Another one just landed. You can still see the dust kicking up.
Well it was cool to see the Blue Angels again. I think I'm going to make it to Cleveland to catch the Thunderbirds although I don't like them as much.

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