Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Eagle Shots

So I went up to my mom's this weekend. This of course meant that I had to stop by the spot where the eagles hang out. Fortunately, one of them was in a spot where I could get some decent pictures.I've never seen him with his wings spread out like this. I'm guessing that he was fanning himself out or letting a breeze catch them or something. I thought it looked pretty neat at any rate.
I moved around the area to get shot of the eagle from different angles. He remained pretty much motionless.
I think this is my favorite shot of the bunch.
Although this one isn't bad.
I think I would like this one a little more if it weren't quite so blurry.


BlueDragon said...

I haven't seen many artistic representations of the American bald eagle with its wings in that position. I suppose he found a nice breeze up there in the treetops.

Mikoyan said...

It's not a very dignified looking pose...that's for sure.