Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Barton Dam in July

So I decided to head over to Barton Dam tonight to continue my 12 month series on the Dam and some of the surroundings. It was actually a pretty nice night to do this as it wasn't too warm or humid.A footbridge that crosses the Huron River and leads to some of the other trails. I haven't taken them that far but I think they lead to some of the other parks in the area.
Looking across the footbridge. I kind of liked this shot because of the way the shadows hit the path.
Some of the grafitti on the railing. On the other side there was a piece of grafitti that said, "Who?" but I didn't take a picture of that one.
Part of the dam itself. I really like the looks of this building. I can only imagine what it looked like in the day.
Water running down the dam. I used a slower shutter speed for this shot.
And a higher one. Which do you prefer?
Another angle of the water running down the dam.
Another angle of the building.
This was taking as I was walking up the steps alongside the dam.
Another shot of the building. I actually kind of liked how this shot turned out.
Another angle of the dam.
Looking from the top towards the building.
Looking down at the water.
This dam portion was closed but you can see the water trickling through. I thought it made a pretty nice effect.
Same shot at a higher shutter speed.
Looking down at the rushing water.
Same shot at a lower shutter speed.
Looking out at the pond behind the dam.
The other side of the building.
Some flowers. Not sure what kind these are though.
Queen Anne's Lace.
Looking down the tracks.
Some berries although I don't think they are quite ready yet.
A bumble bee.

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