Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bortell's Fisheries

I was informed of this place on another blog. Since our next stop was going to be Ludington for their fireworks, I told my friend about it and we decided to eat there. The place is called Bortell's Fisheries and has been run by the same family since 1898.There isn't too much signery that would lead you to this place. In fact, there was this sign and another on the other side that tells you where the place is. The sign doesn't lie because all they serve is fish.
A painted sign on the outside. They are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and must do a pretty good business. There aren't any tables in the restaurant but there picnic tables on the outside if you want to eat "here".
I decided to have the walleye as they were out of just about everything else. The breading reminded me of cooking the fish after catching it on a lake. It was a very light breading and didn't sit in my stomach. The dinner came with the fish, fries and cole slaw. The cole slaw was really good too.
If you decide to stop here don't bring your American Express (or Visa or Master Card) because it's a cash only affair.

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