Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Ludington Fireworks

One of the things I enjoy about Michigan is the fact that there are plenty of bodies of water. Bodies of water make for nice sunsets and they also make for nice firework displays. Mainly because you can see the light dancing over the water as well as seeing the light dancing over the sky. So as I said, we ended up watching the fireworks in Ludington and they weren't bad but they were pretty short (about 20 minutes). The tough part about fireworks is having a tripod or something to sit your camera on. If you aren't using a tripod, you might as well just enjoy the fireworks because you wont enjoy the pictures afterwards. You also need to have the right settings. For this, I put the camera in manual mode.
I situated the camera so that I could get the water in the frame as well. I wanted the reflections off the water as well as the fireworks themselves. This meant that I mostly got pictures of the low fireworks.
I love the dance of colors in the fireworks. I think you can see the same in the water.
There definately aren't as many fireworks as Bay City, but the pacing was pretty nice. There weren't too many fireworks going off at once and the smoke cleared pretty quickly.
I wish there were more like this one.
I kind of like this shot.
I also like this one.

Like I said, the display lasted about 20 minutes. I didn't post any pictures from the finale because there were too many and the pictures looked washed out.

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Ben Connor Barrie said...

Wow! These are awesome pictures.