Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Fly Fisherman

I've lived in Michigan most of my life and pretty much all of my life that I can remember. As a kid, my Grandpa would take me out fishing every so often and it was fun. As I grew older, I would spend quite a bit of time with a friend of mine at a place called Logan Hills. As a result, I learned how to fish but I haven't fished since I was a teenager. Part of me would like to start again but another part of me would like to keep on my photography.One of the nice things about Michigan is that you are never too far from some sort of body of water. Be it a river, stream, pond, lake or one of four Great Lakes. As a result, Michigan has a fairly large population of fishermen.
As I was waiting for the train and watching the rowers, I noticed this guy fishing. I never really learned how to fly fish, but I always thought it was pretty interesting so I watched for a bit. Of course I took pictures.
Here he is casting his line out. I think this makes for a neat picture.
I'm not sure what he is doing here. I think he is just letting the fly float a bit in an effort to fool the fish.

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