Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Chicago White Sox Vs. The Detroit Tigers

So as I said in my last post, we ended up going to the Tigers' game as part of my company picnic. This is the first time I've been to a Tigers' game since I caught them up in Seattle last year. Anyways, it was a bit on the hot side and our seats started out in the sun. Fortunately, not too long in the game, they were shaded so that felt pretty nice and it turned out to be a nice day for a game.
Right after exchanging the lineup cards, they had an Army veteran bring out the first game ball. It was kind of cool.
Here he is placing the ball on the pitcher's mound.
The first pitch of the game by Brad Penny. He would have a shaky 2nd inning but was pretty solid for the rest of the game he pitched.
Miguel Cabrera tagging the base for the first out of the game.
I think this is Alex Ramirez.
The Chicago pitcher making a pitch.
Andy Dirks throwing the ball back after it hit the wall.
Carlos Quentin about to tag up after he is driven home.
Juan Pierre getting a leadoff as the pitch is being thrown. The White Sox would score 3 runs in the 2nd Inning.
Miguel Cabrera swinging for the ball. He ended up going 0 for 4.
Just a step or two behind.
I'm not sure which White Sox player this is.
Same with this player.
I'm not sure who this is tagging for a single.
Miguel Cabrera making another out.
The Chicago Pitcher serving up a homer to Brennan Boesch.
When the Tigers score, the fountain out in Centerfield goes off.
Boesch being congratulated after the home run.
Magglio Swinging for it.
Cabrera going for it again.
I think this is Carlos Guillen.
I'm not sure who this is.
This is Brandon Inge. As you can see, his eyes are closed. That might explain the 180 something batting average.
Cabrera getting another out.
Cabrera swinging again.
The next Chicago pitcher...Sale.
This is Magglio Swinging for it.
Dirks getting congratulated as he scores in the 6th Inning. The Tigers would go on to score 3 runs in that inning and take the lead.
Carlos Guillen swinging the bat. He drove in another run on this swing.
Cabrera again.
Al Alberquerque.
Singing "God Bless America" during the 7th inning.
And of course.....
Brandon Inge almost getting a hit. At least he made contact.
Benoit as the setup man.
Guillen catching a pop up.
The third Chicago pitcher.
Valverde as the closer.
I think this was after a strikeout. I just liked the look of the catcher.
Pop up for the final out.
As I said, the Tigers ended up winning 4-3. Since the Indians lost, the Tigers are tied for first.

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