Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Pre Air Show Pictures

I thought that I wasn't going to get outside today as it was in the upper 90's and pretty darned humid. As I was on my way home, I figured that since the air show at Willow Run was this weekend, there might be some planes parked there. So I decided to stop there.
Sure enough there were some planes parked there. This is a P-51 Mustang from the Commerative Air Force.
If would have been about 5 minutes sooner, I could have seen this helicopter landing. They were starting to strap it down. I believe this is an MH-53 Pave Low helicopter.
Another angle on the P-51. The P-51 is probably my second favorite aircraft from World War II. The first would probably be the Hellcat.
And another angle.Another shot of the helicopter.
The Blue Angels are going to be at Willow Run this weekend. It should be cool. Even though this shot is a little more busy than I like, I still like it.
More Pave Low.
More P-51. This is probably my favorite of the set.
A B-25.
Another shot of the Blue Angels. Unfortunately, they weren't in a great spot.

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