Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Battle Creek Air Show/Balloon Fest

So as I stated in the last post, I went to the Battle Creek Air Show/Balloon Festival. We didn't stay long enough for the Balloon Fest as that was later in the evening.
The Balloon Fest began in 1998. Sometimes they do it in conjunction with an Air Show. I'm not sure how long they've been doing air shows. Anyways....
This was the first set of performers we saw. I don't think we missed that much of the show as we got there about a half hour after the start. These guys were pretty good but the smoke lingered on the field a little longer than normal and that kind of hampered some of my shots.
I kind of like this shot. We weren't in a good spot to get some of the passes though.
Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get the angle to show just how low this guy was going.
I love it when performers do this. One plane up, one down.
This pair was pretty cool. The wing walker is a woman and I've seen her before. It is a pretty impressive show. I think they even make the engine noisier so that it's more old school.
It's amazing to watch her stay on even though the plane is doing all sorts of crazy maneuvers.
Even upside down.
And showing off.
This was also kind of cool as the Piper Cub landed on the top of the moving truck.
And here he is landed.
This guy was pretty cool too....
I love this shot.
And this one.

He is about to slice through the ribbon.
And just passing through it wasn't enough, he had to come in sideways.
Taxiing to his spot on the flight line.
A demonstration of the F-15E Strike Eagle. The pilot was pretty cool.
I wish this shot wasn't so blurry but I still like it because of the vortices coming over the wings.
Here he was going into a roll.A turn. I kind of wish I could have gotten a shot of the condensation coming off the wings.
A better shot of that.
And the pilot....
The F-15E on the ground.

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