Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The David Stott Building

Slowly but surely, I am learning the various landmarks of Detroit.  For all the attention that people give to the Michigan Central Train Station and some of the other decrepit structures, I wish more attention would be given to the buildings in Detroit that are still viable.  Admittedly, they probably aren't as nice as they were in the day but they are still pretty nice looking buildings.
 So today, I will talk about the David Stott Building.  It is on Griswold Street just off of Michigan Avenue.  It is a block away from Lafayette Coney Island and is a pretty distinctive landmark.  New York and Chicago may have taller building but Detroit has some pretty asthetic buildings.
 This building was constructed in 1929 by Donaldson and  Meier.  It is another example of Art Deco in Detroit.
 It was named after a businessman in Detroit.
 The sculptures on the building are by Corrado Parducci.
 It is constructed of brick, marble and limestone.  It almost looks like it could be a relative to the Guardian Building.
 It is 37 stories and stands at 437 feet tall.
 It is part of the Capitol Park Historic District and near one of the places that was used by the Underground Railroad.  The district was so named because it served as Michigan's capitol from 1837 until 1847 when Lansing took over this role.
 I'll have to say it is a pretty impressive structure.
 I took a brief look inside.  Not quite as impressive as other buildings in Detroit though.
Probably one of my favorite angles for taking pictures of tall buildings.

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at the corner of Griswold Street and State Street (1150 Griswold St.),