Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Peninsular Paper Building in the Fog

It was a pretty foggy night tonight as I arrived home.  I didn't have too much time so I just decided to head over to the Peninsular Paper building to catch a couple pictures of it.  I've been meaning to do so for a while and I figured tonight was as good of opportunity as any.
 I don't normally do ruin porn but I don't think this really qualifies as it either.  For being an abandoned building it's not in bad shape.  Plus, I think the dam next to it makes a decent waterfall.
 The same building from a slightly different angle.
 So I went over to the other side of the bridge to get this shot.  I kind of like the effect of the Huron River disappearing into the fog.
 For this shot, I pulled the camera out a bit to get more of the surroundings.
 And then I tightened in to get just the building.  I would have loved to see this place in its hay day.
 This is from the Peninsular Place Apartments.  This used to be the site of the paper mill.
 I think I would have liked this shot a little more without the orange things in it.
 Another angle of the former dam and the building.
And just the dam.  Like I said, it reminds me of a proper waterfall. 


Isaac said...

Those are some really cool shots!

Anonymous said...

Great shots as usual...

Matthew B. Gordon said...

Awesome pictures - they actually inspired me to visit the dam today. You can view the picture I took on my blog. Great blog - you really travel a lot!