Thursday, February 23, 2012

EMU Basketball Vs. Northern Illinois

So I went to the Eastern Michigan men's basketball game last night.  If the roads aren't too bad on Saturday, it is probably my last game of the season (unless the Men's team hosts the first game of the MAC tournament).  I will have to say, it has been fun photographing the basketball game from the sidelines.  I hope that I get the opportunity to do it next year.
 Darrell Lampley going for a layup.  He had a pretty good game last night.  He was definately looking like the leader of the team.
 Antonio Green looking to either pass or charge the basket.
 Derek Thompson getting set up to charge the basket.
 Da'Shote Riley blocking a shot.  He looked pretty good defensively last night.
 Antonio Green taking a shot.  For the most part he looked pretty decent.
 The cheerleaders taking the court for the second half.  At the half EMU was tied with NIU 22-22.
 Lampley bringing the ball down the court.
 I believe this is what a foul looks like.
 I think this is the three pointer that Lampley took that changed the momentum of the game.  Just before this, EMU was down by nine points and it looked like the wind was knocked out of their sails.  Lampley made this basket and was fouled in the process.  He knocked down the free throw to make it a 5 point game and EMU didn't look back.
 Riley making a layup.
 Lampley charging the basket.
 Green bringing the ball down the court.
 Coach Murphy expressing his opinion with the refs.
 Lampley bringing the ball down the court.
 Matt Balkema in the process of sinking the other free throw to ice the game.
Coach Murphy discussing strategy as there was still some time left on the clock.

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