Tuesday, February 21, 2012

EMU Women's Basketball Vs. Toledo

Tonight was actually a key game for the EMU women's team.  They were tied with Toledo for first place in the MAC West.  I'm not a huge basketball fan and this would be only the second women's game I've ever gone to but I figured it should be fun.  There was actually a pretty sizable crowd but they were mostly from that state.....
 Olivia Fouty going for a basket and getting stuff.  This is where I entered the game.
 Natachia Watkins getting greeted by a pair of Toledo defenders on the way to the basket.
 Tavelyn James keeping up with one of the Toledo players.
 I'd swear that I ended up taking a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in Toledo.  The Rocket folks way outnumbered the Eastern folks and I think that's kind of a shame.  But EMU pretty much dominated the whole game and that's what really matters.
 One of the Toledo players charging for the basket.  More than often than not it seemed like this would lead to a turnover.
 India Hairston going for a basket.
 Natachia Watkins going for a layup after getting the ball.
 The EMU student section was pretty loud though.  They made up for their numbers with enthusiasm.
 Natachia Watkins dribbling the ball down the court.
 Tavelyn James going for a layup after a steal.  I'm not sure how many points she got tonight but it was a bunch.
 Taylor Bird going for the basket.
 Coach Gilbert arguing one of the calls.  It seemed like the refs were making quite a few questionable calls.  I think they thought they were in Toledo too.
 Desyree Thomas getting the folks in order.
 Tavelyn James killing some time on the clock.
Thomas taking one more shot to end the game.

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