Monday, February 6, 2012

The Grand Rapids Griffins Vs. the Hamilton Bulldogs

One of my favorite sports is hockey and one of my favorite teams is the Red Wings.  I haven't been to a Red Wings game in a while and I've never been to a Griffins game.  I think the distance from home to Grand Rapids is a fairly large factor in that.  Well a reason to go to a game presented itself in the fact that one of my co-workers has a son that plays for a team that would be facing the Griffins.  So I decided to go to a game for that.
 The Griffins play in Van Andel Arena which is named after one of the founders of Amway.  It was constructed in 1996 and has a capacity of around 10,500.  The Griffins also started in 1996 as a part of the now defunct IHL.  In 2001, parts of the IHL were folded into the AHL and in 2002, they became the Red Wings affiliate.
 Since they were playing a Canadian team, O Canada was played.  I actually like that anthem.
 They also played the Star Spangled Banner.
 Brendan Smith tries to get the puck out of the corner, he is being hassled by one of the Hamilton Bulldog players.
 Jordan Pearce clearing the puck from the net area.
 Lefebvre taking a shot at the net.  It didn't go in.
 Pearce making one of many saves.
 One of the Hamilton players chasing after the puck.
 One of the interesting parts about going to minor league games is the things they do in between periods.  This was a gatlin gun t-shirt launcher.
 One of the zambonis clearing the ice between periods.
 Tatar as he takes a shot towards the net.
 The Hamilton goalie standing tall.
 The Hamilton goalie making a save.
 Brunnstrom taking a shot at net.
 Jamie Johnson setting up on the power play.
 Brendan Smith taking a slapshot.
 The puck back in the net and the look of shock on the goalie.
 Just a general scrum around the front of the net.
 Doug Janik taking a shot at the net.
 Nyquist clearing the puck from behind the net.
 The Hamilton goalie in the process of making a save.
 During the next intermission, they had a Tae Kwon Do demonstration.  I think this guy was breaking bricks.
 The other Zamboni cleaning the ice.
 Pearce making another one of his saves.
 Pearce standing tall.
 Smith carrying the puck out from behind the net.
 The Griffins celebrating one of their five goals.
 Brunnstrom advancing on one of the Hamilton players.
 One Hamilton players carrying the puck around the net.
 Lashoff carrying the puck from out behind the net.
 One of the Hamilton players taking a shot towards the net.
The Griffins congratulating the efforts of their goalie.  They won the game 5-2.

I had fun and the seats we got were excellent.  We were right at ice level.

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Wondered if you saw this Red Wings Clark Park Practice ? Looks like it will be a unique opportunity to see the Wings practice and for a good cause.