Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter Returns to the Mitten State

After about a month straight of a mild weather, winter decided to return but not quite with a vengeance but enough to make a mess of things.  Well it was around on Saturday but Sunday and yesterday was pretty nice and this morning was kind of blah.
 It sucks for driving but it sure does look nice.  Anyway, as I was getting coffee, I had to look out the windows and it looked pretty nice.  So I grabbed my camera.  I really love the look of a snow covered tree. 
 I didn't like the willow tree as much though.
 I think the pine trees really shine.  Especially since they stand out so well against the white sky.
 I'm not sure which of the pictures I like though.
 I kind of like this one but it doesn't set off well against the background.
 The milkweed kind of sets off nicely.
 Sadly, I passed a few fields of these on the way into work but with the roads the way they are, I didn't want to risk it.
 I'm not sure if you can tell in this shot but it was snowing.  That might have blurred things a bit.
 I think you can tell a little better in this pic.
 These are some of the trees in front of the building.  I really love the peeled birch look.  One of my posters keeps mentioning the name of these and I keep forgetting them.  Oh well.
 And some of the grasses in the front of the building.
Another shot of the birch trees.  I really like the one to the side with the snow on it.

Well there isn't much to cure the winter blues....but I guess pictures will do it.

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