Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mail from the Westcott

It's that time again.  The time where I answer e-mail or comments from the people that have decided to ask me questions.
The first question is in regards to the website I use to track shipping on the Great Lakes.
There are actually two websites that I use to track shipping.  The one I started to use was http://www.boatnerd.com.  If you go to the link that says "Vessel Passages" and click the area you want to know about, it gives you a pretty good idea of what's coming down.  A better one is put out by boatnerd.  It tracks the ships realtime and is at http://ais.boatnerd.com.  On that one you can find a pulldown menu that limits your search.

The next question is in regards to the eagles that I take pictures of.
All I can tell you about that one is that they are in Bay City, Michigan.  It seems like there are enough people that go there and I don't want it to become more of a circus.

Is In-N-Out ever coming to Michigan?
I don't think that will ever happen.  Evidently, they have their own meat processing plant and they deliver fresh so that pretty much limits them to the West Coast.

Cialis or Viagra?
Um...why the hell do you people keep posting these comments on my blog?  Please leave me alone.  Thank you.

I also had a pretty cool comment on one of my Huron Lightship posts.

I also want to thank the various people that have pointed out mistakes on my blog or have helped me identify some of the things that I was unable to identify.

I've got many more pictures of the Westcott that I can use....so please use either the comments section or send me e-mail to kozzie_13 at yahoo dot com.

Thank you.

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