Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Pair of Tugs

Probably one of the most photographed lighthouses in the state is the St. Joseph Lighthouse.  It gets really windy on the west coast of the state.  As a result, the St. Joseph lighthouse will get covered in ice and pictures of it when that happen look pretty neat.  I've always wanted to get a picture of it in that condition but generally the weather doesn't cooperate.

Today was different.  There was a threat of snow but the temperatures seemed high enough that if it did snow, it wouldn't stick.  So I decided to head over to the West Coast.

 People who have followed this blog long enough know that I am distracted by things that float.  Today was no different.  As  I was heading towards the lighthouse, I looked over to the side and saw this tugboat.  So of course I had to stop and take pictures.  I don't have many details about this tug unfortunately.
 Next to her was a tug called the Defiance.  Unfortunately, I don't have details about either of them.
 It looks like she is all laid up for the winter and her windows boarded up.
 Another angle.
Looking at the Alice E from the front.

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Isaac said...

The tugs are owned by American Marine Constructors. Nice shots!