Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweetest Heart of Mary Church - Detroit

Approximately 5 or 6 blocks away from St. Josaphat is another Church.  This was actually the Church that I saw when I was taking pictures of St. Josaphat and I was hoping to return some day.

I'm not a particularly religious person but I do appreciate the architecture of churches.  This particular one reminds me more of a Cathedral than a Church though.
 In the 19th Century, Detroit was a rising city and as a result many Polish immigrants settled there.  Many of these people attended St. Joseph's (another Church I'm gonna have to look up) which was a German speaking church.  Eventually they became dissatisfied and wanted to build their own church.
 In 1871, the Polish churchgoers built a frame church near where this church stands.
 In 1890, construction began on what would be the current church.  It was completed in 1893 and would be the largest Catholic Church in Michigan. 
 This church is probably the largest Gothic Revival Church in the Midwest.
 If this is how ornate the outside looks, I can only imagine what the inside looks like.
 I like the statue but I'm not too keen on the picture.

The stained glass windows were built by the Detroit Stained Glass works and have won awards.  The church has been undergoing some renovation but I can only imagine what it looked like in its heyday.


DetroitVideoDaily said...

Nice photos. I've gone to mass at St. Mary's and you are right in your thinking, it is beautiful inside. If you ever get a chance go in. I've gone to all of the churches that you've mentioned and St. Mary's definitely stands out. I attend St. Charles Borromeo which is a stunning inside and out. And a very friendly parish. Stop by sometime, it's not too far from Belle Isle :)

DetroitVideoDaily said...

oooops. I meant Sweetest Heart of Mary. :)