Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Wishes

So I will admit right off the bat that Valentine's Day is not one of my favorite holidays.  However, I saw a pretty nice tribute on another blog that I read, so I figured I would do one here as well.
 Strangers in the night...exchanging glances.  Although these two ships are not strangers as they are both from the Canadian Steamship Lines.  The Atlantic Huron as she passes the Pineglen.  For some people ships are very romantic and for others they are just ships.  At any rate, ships are one of my favorite things.
 Sometimes they say spring is for lovers.  Sometimes you gives flowers to your lover.  Nothing quite says spring in Michigan like the trillium.  I think it is one of the earlier flowers to come out.
 Lots of romantic movies are set on trains.  Sometimes trains are used to reunite lovers and sometimes you can meet a lover on one.  Or some people just love trains.
 Planes are another useful device in movies for lovers.  Planes can bridge the distances.
 What would be a tribute to Valentine's day without a couple.   Well how about a couple of eagles in their nest.
 Or maybe the old married couple....
But then there is the lighthouse keeper.....

So happy Valentine's Day to my readers.


Isaac said...

Great photos as usual! I love the one of the two CSL ships, and the eagles.

Mikoyan said...

I must make a confession though. These are all re-circulated pictures. But thanks.

bowsprite said...

I feel the same about VDay. Nothing like a big metal mass of incredible stored potential energy to say it right. Or Nature.
"Feh" to the marketing ninnies.

Kathy said...

Really nice post! For those who aren't "into" Valentine's day, remember that lots of things get blown up in movies too, like ships, trains, and plains (and automobiles)!