Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Pics of Eagles

So I was up at my mom's again this weekend.  Which of course meant a stop at the eagles.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect because my dad sent me a link to an article in the Bay City Times.  Evidently, the secret is out (more on that in my next post).  As I got to my spot, I saw about three people set up with tripods and the place where I normally park blocked out.  Fortunately, I knew of somewhere else I could park, so that wasn't too bad of an issue.  At any rate...enough ranting (in this post).  Some eagle pictures.
 I did manage to get this shot of the mother in her nest.  I am seriously hoping she stays there because I'm pretty sure they don't like spots with lots of people.  I've been following this nesting pair for at least three years now and I would hate to see them move on.
 As I was leaving my mom's today, I stopped by my normal spot and I didn't see any eagles there.  Although usually mid afternoon is not a good time to stop but occasionally I will see a couple.  As I was travelling through town, I saw another spot that looked like it had a nest and I stopped there.  And I saw the guy in the picture above.  I was amazed at how close I could get to him.
 It looked like he was looking at the ground below him for something.  I wonder if he saw some food or something.
 The regal eagle pose.
 Still looking around.
 Probably my favorite eagle pose.
 I just kept taking pictures of him.  A couple of times it looked like he might take off but he didn't.
 One last shot of this eagle.  As I said, I was amazed at how close I could get.  This picture is straight dump from the camera.
As I continued around the trails, I saw this younger eagle.  I'm thinking there might be more at this spot so I will have to check again.

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