Friday, February 17, 2012

Ships at Rest

Geeze, I've been using ships as metaphors for many things this week.  So I guess I will use them for one more metaphor.  In many respects, ships are like the people that build them.  They need nourishment in order to move and do their thing.  They can get hurt and need repairs.  They also need rest in order to catch up with the minor things that happen over a shipping season.
 Winter on the Great Lakes normally provides a good time for the lakers to get a well deserved rest.  Normally they are frozen over and it is difficult for the ships to move.  So many of the shipping companies will take this opportunity to do maintenance and other things on the ships.  There are quite a few ships that get laid up in Toledo.
Anyway, as I was heading out of Toledo, I remembered a spot that I took some ship pictures from a couple years ago, so I headed that way.  It is not the the greatest spot but was better than the CSX docks.  The ship pictured above is the H. Lee White and is owned by the American Steampship Company.  I've posted her history before, so I wont do it here.
 The grey ship is the Manistee.  She's appeared several times on this blog.  The black ship is the American Valor and she's been on a much longer term layup.  I'm not sure what her issues are.
 Another shot of the H. Lee White's superstructure.
 A closer shot of the Manistee.  Unfortunately, the spot I was at didn't provide the greatest picture opportunities as there were some pretty tall reeds.
 A closeup of the American Valor's pilothouse.  The American Valor started life as the Armco for the Oglebay Norton company.  She was originally 647 feet long and could carry 20,300 tons of cargo.  In 1982, she was lengthened 120 feet and could then carry 25,500 tons of cargo.  She was laid up in 2008.
 A shot of the H. Lee White and American Integrity.  This was from another spot.
 Another shot of the H. Lee White.  I could get a better shot of her from this park.  But I think the boatwatching in Detroit is better.
 Another angle of the H. Lee White's superstructure.
 The American Integrity's superstructure.
 A full on shot of the American Integrity.  She is one of the 1000 footers.
The American Valor and American Fortitude.  She was built in 1953 for the National Steel Company.  She is 690 feet long and can carry 22,300 tons of cargo.  Like the American Valor, she was laid up in 2008.

It was nice to get some ship pictures but I am waiting with baited breathe for the shipping season to open up.  I'd rather have pictures in action.

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Those are much better than the photos I got!