Thursday, February 9, 2012

EMU Basketball Vs. Kent State - The Game

Here are my shots from the game.  The game wasn't too bad.  EMU came out of the gate pretty strong but then petered at the end but more about that later.
The Jump Ball at the beginning of the game.  I think EMU was able to win that.
Riley slam dunking the ball.  I think I would have liked this shot a little more if I had gotten his face in it.
Jamell Harris also getting in on some slam dunk action.
Darrell Lampley going towards the basket.  He actually had a pretty good game and I think scored 18 points.
Austin Harper dribbling down the court.  This was before EMU would start circling around the perimeter.
Quentin Dailey also had to get in on the jamming.
Austin Harper getting mugged as he tries to take a shot.
Antonio Green setting up for a three pointer.  I don't remember if he made this one but he made quite a few others.
Darrell Lampley charging towards the basket.
Antonio Green taking a layoup shot.  He ended up with 12 points.
Matt Balkema taking a shot as well.
Antonio Green under the basket.
I just wanted a full court shot.  I'm not sure how well I like it.
Coach Murphy trying to direct the team.  He was pretty animated last night and quite honestly I can't say I blame him.  I seriously think EMU had a chance in this game.

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