Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Law School Gargoyles

I'm not sure if gargoyles are the correct term for these but it is the term that I will.  To me, these are probably the coolest features of the Law School.
 I kind of wish a couple of my other pictures had turned out though because I would have been pretty close to taking a picture of each of these.  But at any rate, this is a pretty cool sample of the figures. 
 Evidently, each of these figures represent a different figure at the University at the time (or near the time).  Some of the figures also represent different activities.  There is one that looks like a football player and another that looks like a tennis player.
 As I said, it seems like I notice different things when I come through here.  I really like the artwork for this.
 This almost looks like it represents a pharmacist or doctor.
 A representation of the 10 commandments.
 These are definately the figures that represent people of the University.

 This figure is probably one of my favorites.

 This figure looks like an explorer of some sort.
 Possibly a builder?
 This one almost looks like it represents medicine.
This figure is another one of  my favorites.

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Isaac said...

Very cool pictures, Ken!