Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Civil War Statue in Algonac

Since I was stopped at the park with this statue and I've been meaning to take a picture of it anyway, I decided to take some pictures of it.
 This is pretty much a standard statue.  I kind of wish I knew who did the original one because I do like it.  Basically it is depicting a standard infantryman from the Civil War.
 I would hope that with the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War that there would be an increased interest in it. I really should try to read more about it because the stuff that I have read makes me think it is fascinating.  There were many things in the Civil War that were precursors to modern warfare.
 With the advent of the hot air balloon, you had one of the earliest applications of aerial warfare.  Although they were mostly used for artillery spotting.
 The Civil War also saw trench warfare and a rudimentary campaign similar to the bombing campaign over Germany and Japan (i.e., attacking industries).  With the development of the Hunley, there was also the first submarine used in combat although the attack had mixed success.
 The Civil War was also the first major industrial war.  So all in all there were some pretty interesting developments in the Civil War.
I kind of like the overall look of the statue with all the flags.  It was especially cool with the wind blowing hard.

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