Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Algoway Makes Way

My last ship of the evening was the Algoway.  I was waffling on whether I would drive down to Belle Isle to catch her or just wait at Del Ray.  Waiting at Del Ray won out.
 It was kind of a shame because she didn't actually make it past Del Ray but I still get shots like this.  This is the part of Detroit that I like anyway and it makes a nice backdrop for a ship.
 I tried to zoom in on her, with little effect, but you can make her out.
 She makes her turn.
 And then she started to head towards one of the stone docks in Windsor.
 It is possible that I might have gotten a better shot of her at Riverside but that is still closed.
And one more shot before I decided to try to head to Riverside.  Sadly when I got to Riverside, I didn't really have a chance for good shots of her, so I stayed in my car and then headed home.