Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday Night Boatwatching With Arthur M. Anderson

I was up in Troy yesterday and decided to stop by Detroit on the way home.   I was actually hoping to catch Arthur M. Anderson.  I knew that I wouldn't have a chance to get her at Belle Isle or Milliken, so I decided to venture down to Del Ray Park again.
 I was fortunate enough to catch her as she was heading into the dock at Zug Island.  I wish I would have been there about 10 minutes sooner but oh well.  A partial sighting of Arthur M. Anderson is better than no sighting.
 If you will recall, Arthur M. Anderson earned her spot in Great Lakes lore by being the ship that stuck around in an effort to help the imperiled Edmund Fitzgerald.  And as you know, she was unsuccessful in finding any survivors.
 It's a shame she doesn't get mentioned in the song at all.  But she is still a beautiful boat.
 Her crane is extended and she starts to unload her stone.
And one more shot of her before moving on.  If my schedule would have swung it, I could have caught her in action this morning.  Maybe next time.

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