Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Always Sunny in Ann Arbor

No not really.  In fact, it's been rainy the past couple of nights but tonight was a pretty nice night, so I decided to stick with my plan and went to Gallup Park.
 As I was stepping out of the car, I heard this guy flying over.  Not sure what kind of aircraft it is though.  Looks vaguely like a Delta plane though.
 Another thing that flies, although he wasn't flying.  He was just standing watch over his children.
 Another plane but this one definately isn't a Delta plane.
 A closeup of the swan's head.
 And one of his charges.  Fortunately, they were in the water because they get nasty.  I would imagine a swan would be nastier around his children.
 It was children's night at Gallup tonight.  Here is one of the geese with her babies.
 I think this is a duckling.
 A tiny bird.
 "Whatchoo lookin' at?"
 "wha?  You think you're betta than me..."
 Another duck.
 I only had a brief moment to catch this finch.
And because I didn't get enough flower pictures earlier in the day.

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