Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Tugboat Krista S

Yesterday as I was heading up to my mom's place, I decided to get off at the River Road exit.  I had a feeling I might catching something neat.
 I don't normally get to see tugs, so I thought this was pretty neat.  I think the Krista S is assisting with dredging operations on the Saginaw River.  She is taking the dredged material somewhere.
 I can't really find any details on her, but she is owned by Luedtke Engineering.  I really like the red and green paint scheme.
 An almost shot of her unencumbered.
 But not quite.  One of the things I like about shooting on the Saginaw River is that
And I leave you with a shot of her pilothouse.

As I was heading home today, I almost had a shot of her without a barge but it wasn't around long enough.  Oh well.

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