Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Shots of the Mighty Mac

Before heading to dinner and my room, I decided to get a few more pictures of the Mackinac Bridge.
 This was taken from the St. Ignace Bridge View Park.  I really like the looks of this park.
 A more pulled out shot.
 As I was taking picture of the Bridge, a goose family decided to swim by.
 I really like the shots that shot the full length of the Bridge.
 Anotehr close shot.
 A seagull.
 Moving towards the Bridge.  I think this is the old ferry dock.
 A shot looking out at the Bridge.
 Heading back to my car.
 As I was ready to get into my car, I saw this ship.  She is the Manistee.  I love getting pictures of the Bridge with a ship passing under.
 I decided to get a couple pics of the Manistee.
 Especially since she's a classic laker.
 This is the Wendy Ann.  She was in the Soo earlier in the day but she had to go back to Beaver Island to act as a ferry.
 Another shot of the Bridge.
 Pulled back.
 Then we headed over to McGulpin Point.  We thought that we might have a chance to get a rainbow over the Bridge.  But it wasn't to be.
 As I was sitting in my room, Chris called to let me know that there were a couple ships passing by the Bridge.  So I had to get some pictures.
 The Bridge was slowly lighting up.
 And fully lit.
 Since I was staying across the street, I decided to get some night shots of the Bridge.
 And then I wandered the park a bit.
One more shot of the Bridge before heading to bed.

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Pater said...

What are the red lights that outline the bottom of the bridge? Are they lights from the UP side of the bridge?