Saturday, July 6, 2013

Boatwatching With the Joseph H. Thompson

So  I decided to head down to Belle Isle to do some boatwatching today.  I saw that my favorite ship would be making an appearance. Although I had to start my day in Bay City, otherwise I may have been boatwatching from Port Huron instead of Detroit but oh well.  Belle Isle is a nice spot for boatwatching.
 My first ship of the day was the Joseph H. Thompson.  Since is one of the tug/barge combinations that you see on the Lakes.
 The Joseph H. Thompson is a war veteran of sorts.  Well at least the ship she was made out of was.  The tug pushing her is named the Joseph H. Thompson, Jr. and was made from parts of the original ship.
I think she is the only tug/barge to keep the name she served under.
 And she slowly disappears behind the trees.
And one more shot before she disappears for good.

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