Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Messing With Lightroom Part II

I like my photography well enough and for the most part, I like what comes out of the camera but I think it would look better with some playing around in Lightroom.
 Take this picture for instance.  I like it well enough but parts of it look washed out.
 So I took my first stab in Lightroom.  I like this a little better.  The Tregurtha pops out a little more, but I think it may be a little overdone.
 I like this one a little better.
 Actually, I like this one just fine.
But a little pop can't hurt?

So what do you my readers thing?  Let me know in the comments.

1 comment:

Isaac Pennock said...

Regarding the Gott shots, the first one is just fine - the second makes the gray stripe appear blue, and the sky looks too light as well. With the Tregurtha, the original appears hazy, so using lightroom in the first place isn't a bad idea, but the second shot is a bit overdone as you said. However, I think you nailed it on the third one. All just my opinion of course, from somebody who has been tampering with these things recently, but not posting them.