Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Rainy Night in Depot Town

I kind of like the way the lights were reflecting off the slightly wet pavement, so  I decided to head out and do a little photography.  Given the fact that it's been a while since I've really updated, this was a good opportunity to do so.
 I decided to head down to Depot Town.  I was going to start with the Chick Inn but their lights were off, so I just went to Depot Town.  My first building was the City Body Building.  I kind of liked the way the lights were refecting.  While the building was interesting, I was looking for something else.
 As I was walking to the Hudson place, I kind of liked the way its sign was reflecting in this window.  Little did I realize, there was a bit more to this picture.
 Probably one of my favorite nighttime shots in Depot Town.  The Hudson under the neon sign.
 So I was trying that building from different angles.
 Looking down the street.  I kind of liked this angle.
 But I liked this angle more, especially with the sign reflecting in the window of the car.
 So I decided for a closer shot of that.  I think I like this one a little more.
 A shot down Cross Street.
 Another shot of the Hudson Building.
 Sadly, water was starting to get on my lens...but I kind of like the effect.
 I really like this shot of the building especially with the neon in the puddles.
 So I decided to go for a tighter shot.
 One of Sidetracks and what not.
 From another angle.
 So then I wanted a shot looking down the other direction of Cross Street.  Sadly the droplets didn't help.
I wanted a shot of the clock, but it may have been overexposed a bit.

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