Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Tawas Point Lighthouse Revisited

So I decided to head up US-23 this time.  Hadn't really gone this way in a while so the change of pace was pretty nice.
 It was decided that there needed to be a lighthouse at this point.  In 1850, $5000 was appropriated for the construction of this lighthouse.  Construction didn't begin until 1852 and the lighthouse was completed in 1853.
 There were many problems with the location chosen as shifting sands caused the point to be extended by a mile.  There were also flaws with the original contruction.
 It was decided in the 1870s to construct new lighthouse.  Construction of the new lighthouse began in 1875 and was completed in 1876.  This time it cost $30,000.
 The tower is 70feet tall and is equipped with a 4th Order Fresnel lens.  The light can be seen 16 miles from the shore. 
 Originally the light was powered with kerosene but that was eventually replaced by electricity.  Also, this used to be called Ottawa Point but in 1902 it was renamed Tawas Point.
 Currently the light is being run by the Friends of Tawas Point State Park.  There are options to be guest keepers at the light.
 The Tri-Centennial Light in Detroit is a replica.
Apparently the lighthouse was sold to a private group earlier this year but the state continues to renovate it.  I hope the private group will continue keep the light open.

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