Monday, August 19, 2013

Riding on the Diamond Belle - Part II

So we come to Part II.  We continued out past Belle Isle and ended up somewhere in Lake St. Clair.  I think we went a little further than the other cruise I took.
 I kind of liked the looks of this boat.  It definately looked older.
 Looking down the side of the boat.
 Off in the distance was the tug/barge combination of Victory/James L. Kuber.
 A shot of the tug itself.  I'm still not a fan of these vessels but I guess it's a way to keep some ships on the lakes.
 I didn't get much of opportunity for these ships.
 I think this is a channel light.  This is used to line ships up to the channel.
 A shot of our pilot and the pilothouse.
 The Canadian Flag.
 A shot of the pilothouse from the front.
 The mouth of the Detroit River.
 One of the houses of Grosse Pointe.  As you can see, there is some money floating around here.
 More houses along the lake.
 A commorant takes off.
 Some commorants hanging around the lighthouse.
 One more shot.
 One of the other river boats..the Ovation.  I've taken a few pictures of her before.
 A sailboat.  I don't often get to take pictures of sailboats under sail, so this was kind of cool.
 A shot of Windmill Point from the water.
 The sailboat from above as it finally catches the wind.
 A shot of a buoy that ends up on this blog quite a bit.
 And the channel marker that ends up on here quite a bit.
 A shot of the Livingstone light.  This was designed by Albert Kahn and I believe it is the only lighthouse made out of marble.
 Another shot of it.
 The Rocky Beach where I spend quite a bit of time.
 The Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.
 One of the houses in Windsor.
 Another house in Windsor.
 The dome of the Belle Isle Conservatory.  This is another building designed by Albert Kahn.
 A shot of the Dossin Museum with the pilothouse from the William Clay Ford.
 The Nancy Brown Peace Carillon.
And one more shot of it.

Continued in Part III.....

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