Thursday, August 8, 2013

Random Randomness on the River

Tuesday night found me down at the Detroit River once again.  I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a certain freighter that was going to be leaving there as I would get there.  It was actually a pretty busy night.
 Of course many of the ships were unloading.  The Mississagi was unloading stone at the dock across the river in Windsor.
 A little further down the River was the behemoth American Century which was unloading at Zug Island.  The freighter I was hoping to see isn't quite the same size as her.
 Another shot of the Mississagi.  The Mississagi kind of provides a hint to what I was hoping to see, but even she is a bit newer.
 Back to the American Century.  Even though I've seen plenty of 1000 footers, I'm still amazed that something this big can float.  I'm even more amazed that it is seen on the Lakes but then again, the Lakes are pretty big in their own right.
 Dock up closer to the Ambassador Bridge is the Stephen Roman.  I haven't seen her in ages, so it was of cool to see her.  She also provides a hint to the freighter I was hoping to see as she carries similar cargo.
 Another ship that I saw was the John Carrick.  She's not to be confused with Paul Carrick who is a singer.
 And we come back to the Mississagi.  And with this, I kind of moved on to another spot.
 My prey kind of eluded me at Del-Ray but she ended up stopping for fuel, so I headed up to Belle Isle in the hopes of catching her there.  I didn't catch her right away but I did catch the Ovation.
 It's kind of a cool looking boat.  Almost reminds me of one of those painting from the early 80's of what the future would look like.
 And then we have the Macasa Bay.  She operates out of Windsor.
My last shot of the night would be the Buffalo.

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